Student Activity Funds

Student Activity Funds

Office of Student Affairs provides support for student activity funds, allowing students to apply for various student activity funding.

Student Activity Fund

Student Activity Fund aims to support:

  1. Affiliated student societies to organize creative, diverse and meaningful student activities.
  2. Individual undergraduate students to join activities organized by non-CUHK entities, such as international or regional competitions, conferences, or overseas experiential learning programmes.

Empowering Youth Fund

Empowering Youth Fund provides financial support for individual CUHK undergraduate students who want to make empowerment on other CUHK students or people in our communities.

All CUHK full time undergraduate students are eligible to apply, as an individual or in team.

The grant is tenable for either an individual or a group with a total maximum subsidy up to HKD10,000 / 70% of the proposed budget (whichever is lower) for a project.

Hsin Chong – K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund for Joint Student Projects

The purpose of the subsidies is to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation among students of the tertiary institutions and to encourage creative and constructive endeavours which are conducive to students’ learning and overall development. A joint student project is a project that is organized jointly by students from at least three or more tertiary institutions. The project can be on any subject matter which may or may not be related to the applicants’ subject of studies. The project can be undertaken locally or aboard.

CUHK Cultural Enhancement Funding Scheme

The newly established CUHK Cultural Enhancement Funding Scheme aims to provide financial support for student groups and individual students to promote cultural exchange and enhance cultural experiences on campus. This funding scheme offers two main opportunities:

Student Group Events: Student groups can apply for financial assistance to organize events that foster cultural exchange and promote diversity. These events can include cultural festivals, workshops, performances, exhibitions, and other initiatives that celebrate different cultures and encourage cross-cultural understanding within the CUHK community.

Individual Student Grants: Individual students who wish to attend events, activities, or programmes that contribute to their cultural enhancement can apply for grants. This can include participation in conferences, seminars, cultural immersion programmes, or other relevant activities that broaden their cultural perspectives and enrich their overall educational experience.