Career Services

Career Service

Career Planning and Development Centre (CPDC) provides a wide range of career services assisting you to craft your career, unleash your potentials, and prepare you as a future-ready professional. It’s never too early to look for options, opportunities and plan for your career.

Career Guidance Programmes

Following Career Planning Guide, you may join workshops, seminars, personality assessments that facilitate you to define your career goals and further enhance your competitiveness. Apart from joining the workforce, pursuing further studies is also a career option. Participate in the CUHK Further Studies Fair and information sessions by esteemed universities all around the world and start your professional adventure!

Career Advisory and Coaching

When you look for personalized career advice, you are most welcome to reserve an individual career consultation session that lasts for around 45 minutes to an hour. Reserve an appointment now.

Mentorship & Leadership Programmes

Mentorship and leadership programmes empower you to discover your potentials, foster your own personal growth, and pave the way for becoming the professional leader you aspire to be. Looking for mentorship partnership and leadership programmes? Stay tuned with CPDC and apply!

Recruitment Activities and Careers Fair

The Career Planning and Development Centre organises recruitment talks and Careers Fair with various sectors to offer students the opportunities to understand employers’ expectations on prospective employees and to find out job opportunities and career prospects available to them.

Current Job Opportunities

A variety of job opportunities are posted at CU Job Link. Apply and accumulate your work experience via CU Job Link or Highlight Job Postings

You are also most welcome to visit Career Planning and Development Centre at Benjamin Franklin Centre and connect us via email or social media platforms for any career information.