Peer Support Network

Peer Support Network

The Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) of the Office of Student Affairs endeavours to enhance students’ peer support through engaging dedicated students, providing them with relevant training and service opportunities and empowering them to serve CUHK students.

uBuddies Peer Counselling Network

Since the inception of the uBuddies Peer Counselling Network in 2010, uBuddies has dedicated to promoting a caring culture on campus and fostering the spirit of peer mutual support and peer counselling. In addition to providing emotional support to CU students through the Treehole@uBuddies Instagram, uBuddies also organizes a range of meaningful service projects, including Dr. Dog Exam Visit, Exam Cheering Activities, Music Therapy Workshops, and Hiking Activities, which help to fill up positive energy on campus.

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uShine SEN Service Team

Established since 2015, the uShine SEN Service Team is a group of students trained to support students with SEN in their adjustment to campus life, while raising awareness and understanding of SEN among the CUHK community through organizing diverse promotion activities and campaign. uShiners strive to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment that enables all students to thrive and shine in their own way.

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uPals Wellness Promotion Team

In 2020, recognizing the needs of non-local students, WACC launched the uPals Wellness Promotion Team. Joining hands with uBuddies and uShine, uPals aims at promoting mental wellness and providing peer support through fun and engaging service projects in English so that non Cantonese-speaking students will also be benefitted. uPals implements various wellness projects on campus, such as organizing Mindful Yoga Classes, Expressive Arts Workshops, and Healing Trips, whilst continuously promoting mental health on Instagram. All training will be conducted in English.

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uBuddies, uShine and uPals continue to join hands in offering emotional support to our students and promoting wellness in the university.