Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration

The Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section (LCES) is dedicated to fostering cultural exchanges, promoting internationalization, and cultivating cultural appreciation and inclusion within the CUHK community. To achieve these objectives, LCES organizes a diverse range of events that celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures. These events serve as platforms for cross-cultural dialogue, fostering a spirit of openness, understanding, and appreciation for different cultures.

Cultural Extravaganza

LCES organizes a bi-annual cultural festival that showcases the diversified cultural landscape on campus. Each term, the festival adopts a different theme and format, providing the CUHK community with a unique platform to immerse themselves in vibrant cultural experiences. One highlight is the lively carnival, where interactive booths managed by students from various cultural backgrounds offer a glimpse of their traditions, art, cuisine, language, and more. At the festivals, participants have the opportunity to engage directly with students representing different cultures. They can interact with booth attendees, and learn about the unique aspects of each culture. From trying traditional costumes and crafts to sampling authentic cuisine, participants will be able to immerse themselves in a multitude of cultural experiences.

Global Lens@CUHK

LCES is proud to collaborate with over 10 non-local student associations at CUHK to present the engaging series known as “Global Kaleidoscope@CUHK.” This collaborative initiative provides a dynamic platform for these associations to organize and showcase cultural events that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the CUHK community. The Global Kaleidoscope@CUHK encompasses a diverse range of cultural events, including workshops, performances, exhibitions, and various other initiatives. These events are carefully curated to celebrate cultural diversity and foster cross-cultural understanding within the CUHK community.

International Cultural Ambassador Scheme

The International Cultural Ambassador Scheme presents an exceptional opportunity for students who are passionate about promoting internationalization on campus. This scheme offers selected ambassadors the privilege of residing at International House (I-House) while receiving comprehensive support to organize activities that facilitate meaningful cultural exchanges. The scheme provides a dynamic platform for ambassadors to promote cultural understanding and appreciation within the university community. As ambassadors, students are encouraged to share their cultural heritage, engage in intercultural dialogue, and foster connections among students from diverse backgrounds.

Chinese Cultural Immersion Programme

The Chinese Culture Immersion Programme is an exciting new initiative that offers students immersive and hands-on experiences to explore and appreciate the richness of traditional Chinese culture. This initiative is divided into two parts: do-it-yourself (DIY) experiential activities and local tours. Through these engaging activities, participants will have the opportunity to gain a multifaceted understanding of Chinese culture from various perspectives and in different formats.