Non-local Students Support

Non-local Students Support

Student Visa and Related Matters

To ensure compliance with immigration regulations and facilitate a smooth study experience, it is essential for all non-local students at the University to possess a valid student visa that maintains their authorized stay throughout their academic programmes. Failure to comply with the conditions of stay may lead to legal consequences. The University is committed to providing guidance and support to help students navigate visa-related matters effectively.

It is imperative that non-local students maintain the validity of their student visas at all times. Violations or breaches of the conditions of stay may result in prosecution by the Immigration Department. If convicted, individuals may face a fine at level 5 (HK$50,000) and imprisonment for up to 2 years.

Off Housing Information

Finding suitable off-campus accommodation in Hong Kong can be challenging especially if you’re unfamiliar with local laws and rental procedures. Moreover, renting a private apartment in Hong Kong can be quite expensive, and landlords often prefer year-long lease agreements. However, the experience of living off-campus can be incredibly rewarding, as it grants you greater independence and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.

To assist you in this process, we organize sharing sessions on off-campus housing. These sessions aim to provide valuable guidance and practical tips on searching for suitable off-campus accommodations, understanding rental agreements, and connecting with reliable resources for any accommodation-related inquiries you may have.

Non-local Student Associations

OSA provides support to various student associations, including the Postgraduate Student Association of CUHK, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the Mainland Undergraduate Association, the International Student Association and other student associations of non-local students. Apart from making regular liaisons and offering support to these associations, regular meetings with senior management of the University are arranged for these associations to exchange views on ways to enhance student life, activities and cultural integration. To encourage cultural exchange on campus, these student associations can apply for the CUHK Cultural Enhancement Scheme to fund their cultural activities.

Online Pre-arrival Information Sessions

In preparation for the upcoming academic year, we host online information sessions exclusively tailored for new non-local students. These sessions are carefully designed to provide essential information about campus resources, academic requirements, student life, and cultural integration. Participating in these information sessions is a valuable opportunity for non-local students to familiarize themselves with the university community, fostering a sense of belonging right from the start.

"Compass for Non-local Students" Guidebook

The “Compass for Non-Local Students” Guidebook is a comprehensive resource designed specifically to support the unique needs of non-local students. This guidebook serves as a valuable reference, providing essential information and resources to help non-local students navigate their CUHK experience successfully.

The “COMPASS for Non-Local Students” Guidebook covers a wide range of topics, including Pre-Departure Tips, Learning Resources at CUHK, Information about Hong Kong and Local Culture, Campus Life and Student Services, and more.