Peer Support Network – Passing on the Torch

Peer Support Network (PSN) has dedicated its effort in fostering the spirit of peer support and cultivating a caring campus, with the support of Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

The Handover Ceremony of the Peer Support Network 2024 was held on March 1, to mark the graduation of the 2023 teams and the inauguration of the new cohort. Prof. Nick Rawlins, Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President (Student Experience), delivered an opening address to encourage continued support for mental wellness on campus. Together with Prof. Wing Hung Ko, University Dean of Students, and Ms. Elaine Tam, Director of Student Affairs, several awards and graduation certificates were presented to the 2023 teams to celebrate their achievements. The representatives of Best uBuddies & Best uPals 2023, Ava and Kamylle, also shared their abundant learning experiences and wished to pass on their torches to the new cohort.

“I realized that uBuddies is a place where you can feel comfortable and safe with your new friends. But if you want to feel inspired, be braver, and grow, there are people here who can inspire you to do more,” Ava recalled the story of how she was inspired by her teammates to step out of her comfort zone during the Art Fair 2023.

“These experiences have taught me invaluable lessons in leadership, teamwork, and mental wellness. Most importantly, I have met many friends from different backgrounds,” Kamylle shared her experiences in doing service projects. Although it took a lot of time and effort for her and her team to prepare, it was worth it when she saw how much the uPals and other participants enjoyed the activities.

uBuddies and uPals 2024 have successfully completed their training after the Handover Ceremony. They have now commenced organizing meaningful service initiatives on campus to offer support to any student in need. This year, PSN service projects emphasize the power of “Togetherness”. These initiatives include Dr. Dog Workshop and Exam Cheering visit, etc.

uBuddies Dr. Dog Team organised a Dr. Dog Workshop together with Chung Chi College and Animal Asia in late March. The workshop allowed participants to relax with lovely dogs and learn more about animal-assisted therapy.

uBuddies and uPals visited the University Library to cheer up fellow schoolmates during the exam period. They distributed cheering bags containing memo pads, tea bags and snacks to remind students to prioritize self-care.

Stay tuned for more service initiatives from uBuddies and uPals in the new semester!

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