uBuddies Peer Counselling Network

uBuddies Peer Counselling Network

A friend in need, a friend indeed. Have you ever thought of being a buddy who reaches out for those in need in the university? If you are interested in meeting like-minded people who are enthusiastic about helping others and promoting peer support in the campus, you are most welcomed to join the uBuddies Peer Counselling Programme.

uBuddies CUHK Peer Counselling Network is launched by the Wellness and Counselling Centre of the Office of the Student Affairs in 2010.  It aims to promote a caring culture on campus and foster the spirit of peer mutual support and peer counselling. Through a wide range of intensive training (more than 50 hours) and services which help enhancing personal growth, strengthening self-confidence and realizing their potential, uBuddies will be well equipped to undertake the important role as peer counsellors.  


Under the supervision of the counsellors of the Wellness and Counselling Centre, uBuddies are going to provide the following services: 

  • Provision of peer support and strengthening bonding among students. They are also obliged to make referrals to counsellors when necessary.
  • Organization service projects for CU full time undergraduate students 

Upon completion of the training components and service projects, you will receive:   

  • CUHK uBuddies Certificate 
  • Mental Health First Aid Certificate (Certificate is jointly issued by The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and acknowledged by the Mental Health First Aid International)
  • Participate in the 'Best uBuddies' election 
  • The qualification will be recorded in the Student Development Portfolio (SDP) 

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uBuddies Programme Highlight

Join uBuddies

If you are full-time non-final year undergraduate students in The Chinese University of Hong Kong; and you

  • are interested in learning effective communication and helping skills
  • wish to develop your personal potential and character strengths
  • love to help peers
Welcome to join uBuddies!

To apply for uBuddies 2024 Peer Counselling Network, please complete the online application form on or before 6 October 2023. Applicants will be shortlisted for interview. Successful candidates are required to pay a deposit of HK$500. Deposits will be refunded upon the completion of the training programme (over 80% attendance of training).

Application Guideline
On-line Application Form


Senior uBuddies Programme

In order to strengthen cohesion among uBuddies graduates and uBuddies trainees, the Wellness and Counselling Centre of the Office of Student Affairs established the Senior uBuddies Programme in January 2015. Through a series of advanced trainings and various practicum opportunities which aim at enhancing personal growth as well as helping and leadership skills, Senior uBuddies are well equipped and empowered to play a major role in building a strong peer support network and a caring campus.

  • Full-time students of CUHK;
  • Graduates of CU Peer Counselling Network;
  • Non-final year students who would be in CUHK in 2024 are preferred; and
  • Responsible, proactive, confident and enthusiastic in helping and caring about others
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Mentoring of uBuddies trainees, offering peer support and facilitating group cohesiveness
  • Facilitating the Adventure-based Training Camp as peer group leaders
  • Co-leading in Peer Counselling Skills Trainings and Practicum Supervision Sessions
  • Assisting in organizing uBuddies orientation/ gatherings
  • Supporting and supervising service projects of junior uBuddies
  • January to December 2024
Trainings and activities
  • Advanced Peer Counselling Skills (3 Sessions)
  • Group Counselling Skills (3 Sessions)
  • Practicum Supervision (2 Sessions)
  • After completed all trainings and service projects, Senior uBuddies will attain CUHK Senior uBuddies Certificate. The qualification obtained will be recorded in Student Development Portfolio (SDP).

uBuddies Sharing

The workshops on helping others with mood disorders seemed to clear up my misconceptions. In most of the times, we may just think from our own perspectives and do what we believe is good. While our intention is to help others or to make someone happier, we may have ignored others’ thoughts, and led to unfavorable outcomes eventually. To people with depression or other common mood disorders, what we consider as positive may not mean the same to them and on the other hand hurt them in advance. The uBuddies training has impacted me to take one step further and see each situation from multiple perspectives. Instead of spreading positivity to them, we should take into account of their actual needs and not blindly provide support or saying cliché positive wordings to them. To offer practical support to people with mood disorders, we can indeed allow them to express their real thoughts and show understanding to their intention of having such negative thoughts.

Bonnie Kwok

I believe uBuddies training has positively altered my outlook on life, as the values and faith in the art of counselling has infused in my daily life. To commence with, I could know more about how to communicate with others. I always remember what Eunice has said in the workshops “congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard is what a peer counsellor should never forget.” Once I have heard these words, I think that we should hold these positive attitudes when communicating with others to have a nice and sincere dialogue, apart from merely applying them into counselling practice. I gradually know how to accompany my family and friends through thick and thin. When our beloved ones are facing difficulties, we sometimes want to cheer them up as soon as possible by saying things like “cheer up! Everything will be fine soon!” . However, we have unconsciously neglect their genuine feelings. After attending the adventure camp, online training and workshops, I learn to be empathetic and try to put myself in others’ shoes, instead of merely being sympathetic. I could therefore feel others’ emotions in a more sophisticated manner and provide genuine support to them.

Daniel Lau

Joining the uBuddies programme is one of the wisest choices I have made in my university life ….Giving help to an individual does not necessarily change the world, yet, you help change the world for that person. And this is what I want to achieve and spread hope and love even upon graduation.

Helen Ling