For Recruiting Departments/Units
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For Recruiting Departments/Units

For Recruiting Departments/Units

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Remuneration (Standard Rate)

The standard rate of the Student Helpers is HKD64 per hour. Departments / Units may offer different rates based on the merits of the particular engagements, as deemed appropriate.

Eligibility for Registration

Terms and Conditions of the Engagement as Student Helper

Remarks for Non-local Students

Procedures and Workflow

Useful Materials

Q & A


[The Bursary (BUR) and the Personnel Office (PO) have been renamed Finance Office (FNO) and Human Resources Office (HRO) respectively with effect from July 1, 2018. The terms “Personnel Office”/“PO” and “Bursary”/”BUR” appear on this website refer to “Human Resources Office”/”HRO” and “Finance Office”/”FNO” starting from that date.]