uPals Wellness Promotion Team

uPals Wellness Promotion Team

University journey may be challenging, but you don't have to manage it alone. In order to build a welcoming, supportive and accommodating campus, the Wellness and Counselling Centre of the Office of the Student Affairs launched the uPals Wellness Promotion Team in 2020, which focuses on Mental Wellness Promotion and strengthens Peer Support atmosphere.

The uPals will work together to plan and implement mental wellness campaigns to promote supportive, fun and caring service projects on campus. All trainings and workshops are conducted in English. Our uPals team will undergo around 30 hours of training including:

  • Basic Helping Skills
  • 12-hour Standard Mental Health First Aid Course
  • 2 wellness workshops
  • Adventure-based Day Camp

After receiving trainings, uPals will deliver service projects directed on promoting wellness by increasing awareness of student mental health issues and encouraging positive caring actions throughout the whole year.

Upon completion of all trainings and service projects, you will obtain the following qualifications:

  • CUHK uPals Certificate
  • Mental Health First Aid Certificate (the certificate is jointly issued by The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and acknowledged by the Mental Health First Aid International)
  • The qualification obtained will be recorded in the Student Development Portfolio (SDP)

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Here is the uPals Programme Highlight video. Enjoy!

Join uPals

If you are full-time non-final year undergraduate students in The Chinese University of Hong Kong; and you:

  • are interested in learning effective communication and helping skills
  • wish to organize some fun events focusing on positive lifestyle and mental health with local and non-local students

Welcome to join uPals!

To apply for uPals 2024 Wellness Promotion Team, please complete the online application form on or before 6 October 2023. Applicants will be shortlisted for interview. Successful candidates are required to pay a deposit of HK$500. Deposits will be refunded upon the completion of the training programme (over 80% attendance of training).

Senior uPals Programme

In order to strengthen cohesion among uPals graduates and uPals trainees, the Wellness and Counselling Centre of the Office of Student Affairs has established the Senior uPals Programme in January 2021. Through further training in mental wellness knowledge and various practicum opportunities, which aims at enhancing personal growth and leadership skills. Senior uPals will be well equipped and empowered to play a significant role in promoting wellness on campus.

  • Full-time students of CUHK;
  • Graduates of uPals Wellness Promotion Team;
  • Non-final year students preferred; and
  • Responsible, proactive, confident and enthusiastic in helping and caring about others
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Acting as mentors of uPals trainees, offering peer support and facilitating group cohesiveness
  • Being peer group leaders of Adventure-based Training Camp
  • Assisting in organizing uPals orientation/ gatherings
  • Supporting and supervising service projects of junior uPals
  • Helping in recruitment and interview of junior uPals
  • January to December 2024
  • 2 Wellness Workshops (4-5 hours)

After completed all training and service projects, Senior uPals will attain:

  • CUHK Senior uPals Certificate
  • The qualification obtained will be recorded in the Student Development Portfolio (SDP).
Deadline of Application
  • 6 October 2023

uPals Sharing

“I am grateful for having that camp because it reminded me of three important points: think collectively, cooperate to go further, and communicate with each other. Therefore, from zeros, we became heroes with valuable lessons taught in just few hours.”

- Amira Belli

“It was a fruitful and tired day. I met many new friends. It is a bit frank to say that I am glad to ‘visit’ the university. But to be honest, due to the pandemic, as a year 1 student, I have only visit school for no more than 8 times in the whole academic year. Thanks uPals for giving me a chance! I was probably one of the youngest members on that day. Therefore, I really receive much love and care from other members. They introduced me many shortcuts and restaurants. That restaurant in CW Chu College is the best restaurant I have visited in university.”

- Sonia Luk

“We started awkward since we were all strangers, but we ended up becoming good friends after the camp. And the trainers, they were so fun to work with, always so supportive (and sometimes very mischievous) during our activities, giving us tips and encouraging us. This really reminded me of why I joined uPals in the first place – to meet amazing new people. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the uPals camp, and hopefully there will be other opportunities to meet my fellow uPals in the future.”

- Peanut Wong

“The workshop helps me to understand more about the attitude and skills that are essential to peer counselling. The interactive activities are inspiring and thought-provoking. I am really grateful to attend the workshop.”

- Michelle Chung

“There are lots of practices in the workshops, which make us better understand the content. After the workshop, I feel I am more confident to be a good listener.”

- Joyce Chen