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Wellness and Counselling Centre

The Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) serves full-time students and is staffed by psychologists and professional counsellors. Through the following services, the WACC assists students to overcome adjustment difficulties, derive success and satisfaction from their university experiences as well as achieve personal growth and self-enhancement.

Providing Psychological Counselling Services to Students

Through psychological counselling, students are encouraged to understand the nature of their difficulties, develop different perspectives as well as learn effective coping skills. Counselling is also a learning process which facilitates self-exploration and continuous personal development.

Organizing Self-Enhancement Campaigns for New Students

To facilitate new students’ adjustment to university, the WACC conducts orientation talks, compiles the student guide book as well as disseminates information on student services and mental health at the beginning of the academic year. The WACC also makes presentations in College Assembly and General Education classes, conducts mental health screenings and outreaches to students in need.

Organizing Developmental Programmes

Workshops and group programmes are organized regularly to enhance students’ personal growth and effectiveness. Topics range from self-exploration, emotional regulation to stress management, communication and interpersonal skills, etc. 

Implementing the  'uBuddies' Peer Counselling Network

The WACC established the 'uBuddies' Peer Counselling Network to strengthen peer support among students as well as to facilitate early detection and referral of students in need of professional help. ‘uBuddies’ also organize various service projects to promote mental health and a caring culture on campus.

Promoting Mental Health Education and Positive Psychology

To promote mental health awareness and wellness in the campus community, the WACC organizes campus-wide campaigns on selected themes as well as actively develops a wide variety of educational resources including publications, videos, online material.

Coordinating the SEN Service

To enable students with SEN to actively participate in campus life and to facilitate their learning, special services and facilities can be arranged with relevant units according to individual needs, such as campus transportation, accommodation, learning aids and equipment, special lecture and examination arrangements.

Other Services

The WACC provides in-service training and professional consultation to staff on student counselling and mental health issues. Operational guidelines on handling students’ problems are also developed. In addition, surveys are conducted periodically to understand students' needs and mental health condition.


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