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The Career Planning and Development Centre (CPDC) of the Office of Student Affairs is committed to providing career guidance and facilitating career development for students.

Organizing Career Guidance and Enrichment Programmes

The CPDC organizes career guidance programmes including workshops, seminars, firm visits, careers fairs and career mentorship programme. The main aims are to assist students in exploring different career options, selecting suitable career fields, stretching their potential and further enhancing their competitiveness.

Providing Students with Job Information and Placement Services

The CPDC provides students with full-time, part-time and summer job information and placement services through online platforms such as CU Job Link and the Joint Institution Job Information System (JIJIS).

Supporting Employers with their Recruitment Exercises

The CPDC maintains good relationship with employers and supports their recruitment exercises. Recruitment talks hosted by organizations from various sectors are organized to offer students the opportunities to understand employers’ expectations on prospective employees and find out job opportunities and career prospects available to them.

Organizing Summer Internship Programmes

Hundreds of overseas, mainland and local internship opportunities are offered to students from different disciplines. Apart from learning the workplace culture and practical work skills in industries, students are able to enhance their cross-cultural understanding, language proficiency, and communication skills through summer offshore internships.

Providing Job Market Information, E-learning Platform and Career Counselling Services

The CPDC provides a wealth of online resources for students to equip themselves with essential employment skills and keep themselves abreast of the latest job market information as well as CUHK graduates’ employment status.

An e-learning platform named Careers E-coach is also introduced to enrich students’ understanding of the job hunting process, their career preferences and the essential job searching skills in an interactive way.

Furthermore, students may also consult the career advisors individually or in groups at the CPDC about career aspiration, career planning and development, job searching skills, etc.


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Students attending career talk