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The Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section of the Office of Student Affairs promotes internationalization and exchanges of diverse cultures on campus through organising a string of activities, such as Cultural Festivals, i-Ambassadors scheme, the CUHK Host Family Programme and Cultural Fun@i-LOUNGE. Service programme, like the CLOVER provides platform for local and non-local students to join hands to participate in different social services in Hong Kong. To encourage the promotion of multi-cultural interaction, Internationalization Activity Fund is made available to student bodies for organizing various activities.

Offered by the Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs), academic counselling and related support services are made available to all students in CUHK. The LEOs also organise adjustment and developmental programmes regularly for the purpose of learning enhancement. In addition, a first-year student survey is conducted every year to have a better understanding of our new students’ background and expectation.

Apart from personal guidance, the LCES organises orientation programmes before the beginning of the academic year for new postgraduate and non-local undergraduate students. A guidebook for the newcomers - “Compass for Incoming Students” is also published. The LCES also provides incoming students with information related to rental accommodation outside campus, such as rental guidelines, to-let information, and samples of tenancy agreement, via a tailor-made webpage of Off-campus Accommodation.

Professor Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor and students at the CUHK African Weeks