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Student associations
The Mahjong Study Society, CUHK
The Bridge Club, CUHK
Judo Club, CUHK
Archery Club, CUHK
Choral Society, CUHK
The Social Service Team, CUHK
Game and Chess Society, CUHK
Agricultural Development, CUHK
The China Trade Society, CUHK
Korean Cultural Society, CUHK
Outdoor Activity Society, CUHK
Animation & Comic Society, CUHK
The Mandarin Drama Society, CUHK
The Chinese Medicine Promotion Society, CUHK
The Astronomy Club, CUHK
3 Heart Club, CUHK
The Japanese Culture Society, CUHK
Society of Magic, CUHK
Christian Choir, CUHK
Doujin Culture Society, CUHK
Catholic Society, CUHK
Karate Club, CUHK
The Fellowship of Evangelical Students, CUHK
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, University YMCA (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
One Era E-magazine Press, CUHK
The Debating Society of The Chinese University of Hong Kong(Cantonese Team)
Musical Society of the Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUMusical)
CUHK Rare GoGo Service Team
Competitive Quiz Society, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Society for Strollers, CUHK
Wildlife & Animal Caring Society
Engineering Student Society
The Society of Data Science and Policy Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Thai Student Association
Southeast Asian Association (SEA)
International Students Association (ISA)

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