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Student Helper Engagement Scheme
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The purpose of the Student Helper Engagement Scheme is to provide opportunities for paid campus work to students, in the form of assisting University academics/administrators in their projects.

Nature of Work

The Student Helper Engagement Scheme is a kind of short-term casual engagement on hourly basis of Full-time students, which should not cause distraction from the primary attention to their studies as students. The engagement does not take the form of a formal appointment and is not intended for substantial and long-term employment relationship. Usually, the Student Helpers are to assist academic staff in their research projects or to assist administrative staff in projects which require extra manpower. Recruiting Departments/Units may engage Student Helpers directly.

Remuneration (Standard Rate)

The standard hourly rate has been adjusted upwardly from HKD55 to HKD60 effective from 1 September 2020. Departments / Units may offer different rates based on the merits of the particular engagements, as deemed appropriate.