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Student Helper Engagement Scheme
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Engagement of Students for Short Term Campus Work

Eligibility for Registration

Terms and Conditions of the Engagement as Student Helper

Remarks for Non-local Students

Workflow Guidance in Flowchart

Payroll and MPF arrangements

Registration and Hours Submission

  • Application and Registration (Navigation Path: MyCUHK > CUSIS > Applications > Other Applications > Student Helper Registration)
  • Student Helper System* (Navigation Path: MyCUHK > MyPage > Student Helper System > Main Menu > Student Helper > Input Working Hours and Funding)​

*This application is accessible only within the campus network. If you want to browse off-campus via your ISP, please make a VPN connection first.

Useful Links

Q & A


Career Planning and Development Centre, Office of Student Affairs
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[The Bursary (BUR) and the Personnel Office (PO) have been renamed Finance Office (FNO) and Human Resources Office (HRO) respectively with effect from July 1, 2018. The terms “Personnel Office”/“PO” and “Bursary”/”BUR” appear on this website refer to “Human Resources Office”/”HRO” and “Finance Office”/”FNO” starting from that date.]