uPals 心理健康推广团队

uPals 心理健康推广团队


uPals成员会接受大约30小时的培训,包括助人技巧训练、精神健康急救基础课程、身心健康工作坊及历奇训练日等 ; 并于校内共同策划及筹办轻松有趣的服务项目。所有培训及活动将会以英语进行


  • 中大uPals证书
  • 精神健康急救基础课程证书(此证书联同香港心理卫生会签发,并获澳洲「精神健康急救国际」认可)
  • 记录于学生发展组合(Student Development Portfolio, SDP)


uPals IG: cuhk_upals
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  • 有兴趣学习有效的沟通及助人技巧
  • 希望与本地及非本地生一同筹组活动,推广正向生活方式及心理健康



Senior uPals 计划

为了加强中大uPals 心理健康推广队毕业学员及现届学员的凝聚力,学生事务处心理健康及辅导中心于2021年1月推出首届Senior uPals计划。透过进一步的精神健康知识培训及实践机会,促进 Senior uPals的个人成长及领导才能,使其于校园内推广心理健康角色中发挥更大的效能。


  • 中文大学全日制非毕业班本科生;
  • 中大uPals心理健康推广队毕业学员;
  • 富责任感,热心助人


  • 担任uPals学长,提供朋辈支援及加强学员的凝聚力
  • 出任历奇训练营小组组长
  • 协助筹组uPals迎新活动/ 聚会
  • 为现届学员的服务项目提供协助及督导
  • 协助uPals心理健康推广队的招募及面试工作


  • 2024年1月至2024年12月


  • 2个身心健康工作坊(4至5小时)


  • 完成培训及服务项目的Senior uPals,可获取中大Senior uPals证书
  • 所获资格将记录于学生发展组合(Student Development Portfolio, SDP)


  • 2023 年 10 月 6 日

uPals 分享(只提供英文版本)

“I am grateful for having that camp because it reminded me of three important points: think collectively, cooperate to go further, and communicate with each other. Therefore, from zeros, we became heroes with valuable lessons taught in just few hours.”

- Amira Belli

“It was a fruitful and tired day. I met many new friends. It is a bit frank to say that I am glad to ‘visit’ the university. But to be honest, due to the pandemic, as a year 1 student, I have only visit school for no more than 8 times in the whole academic year. Thanks uPals for giving me a chance! I was probably one of the youngest members on that day. Therefore, I really receive much love and care from other members. They introduced me many shortcuts and restaurants. That restaurant in CW Chu College is the best restaurant I have visited in university.”

- Sonia Luk

“We started awkward since we were all strangers, but we ended up becoming good friends after the camp. And the trainers, they were so fun to work with, always so supportive (and sometimes very mischievous) during our activities, giving us tips and encouraging us. This really reminded me of why I joined uPals in the first place – to meet amazing new people. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the uPals camp, and hopefully there will be other opportunities to meet my fellow uPals in the future.”

- Peanut Wong

“The workshop helps me to understand more about the attitude and skills that are essential to peer counselling. The interactive activities are inspiring and thought-provoking. I am really grateful to attend the workshop.”

- Michelle Chung

“There are lots of practices in the workshops, which make us better understand the content. After the workshop, I feel I am more confident to be a good listener.”

- Joyce Chen