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Introduction of Office of Student Affairs

There are different sections in the Office of Student Affairs, each providing professional services in their respective areas. They are the Career Planning and Development Centre, Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section, Student Development and Resources Section and Wellness and Counselling Centre. There is also a Student Services Centre, serving as a centralized enquiry and information centre.

The services of each of the sections are summarized as follows.

Career Planning and Development Centre

  • Organize career guidance and enrichment programmes
  • Provide students with job information and placement services
  • Support employers with their recruitment exercises
  • Organize summer internship programmes
  • Provide career counselling services and job market information
  • Provide aptitude and personality tests to students
  • Provide e-learning platform – Careers E-coach

Website of Career Planning and Development Centre

Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

  • Offer individual guidance and related support services to students
  • Organize adjustment and developmental programmes for learning enhancement of students
  • Organize cultural diversity activities and administer fund for promoting internationalization and cultural integration
  • Provide support services to non-local students
  • Liaise with and provide support to associations of non-local students and postgraduate students

Website of Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section

Student Development & Resources Section

  • Support and provide guidance to student associations
  • Facilitate student activities by offering activity funds and other supports
  • Organise leadership development programmes and coordinate intervarsity activities
  • Coordinate orientation activities for new students
  • Manage student amenities and facilities located in Benjamin Franklin Centre, John Fulton Centre and Pommerenke Student Centre; also manage the University Swimming Pool
  • Manage the International House (on-campus student residence)

Website of Student Development & Resources Section

Wellness and Counselling Centre

  • Provide psychological counselling services to full-time students
  • Organize the ‘Self-Enhancement Campaign’ for new undergraduate students
  • Organize personal growth and development programmes
  • Implement the  'uBuddies' Peer Counselling Network
  • Promote mental health education and positive psychology
  • Coordinate the SEN Service
  • Conduct staff training

Website of Wellness and Counselling Centre