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Nov 05 2019

2019 Outstanding Students Awards

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) presented The Outstanding Students Awards to 229 students, including 5 of “The Most Outstanding Star” awards, to honour their outstanding attainments apart from academic excellence, their contributions to the community, and having the courage to face challenges.

CUHK introduced the Outstanding Students Awards last year. The award recognises the students’ significant contributions and their continual positive impact on the CUHK community and society, and carries the expectation that the award recipients will lead by example, and inspire their peers to higher characteristics such as an optimistic mind-set and never turning away from challenges and difficulties. The awardees presented their inspirational stories and personal experience to their fellow students, encouraging them to pursue their own targets.

There are five award categories, namely Innovation and Invention, Sports, Arts, Social Service, and Special Achievement. Students who have demonstrated excellent achievements, qualities and traits in one of these areas, and have shown leadership, are qualified for the awards by going through self-nomination or being nominated by Faculties, Colleges or relevant units.

“The Most Outstanding Star” was introduced this year. All Outstanding Students awardees can vote for the most typical student / team in their respective category.

The Most Outstanding Stars elected are:

Innovation and InventionLOU Kuan WenInspired by breathalyzing, LOU Kuan Wen invented a device to measure the amount of Ketone in exhaled air. The fat burn rate can then be calculated and reveal the effectiveness of weight control measures.
SportsYUE Ya XinYUE Ya Xin is the Hong Kong record holder for the women’s long jump. She has broken the record eight times and won medals in the Asia Championship, Asian Grand Prix, and Singapore and Taiwan Opens this year.
ArtsTobias FandelTobias is a German PhD student studying composing. He is the holder of two Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees. His musical works have been played by renowned orchestras around the world.
Social ServiceThe Management Team of Tree Hole by uBuddies Facebook PageThe team upholds the principles of genuineness, empathy and respect, to provide peers with needed relief and promote the importance of mental health.
Special AchievementZHOU YuhangZHOU Yuhang participated in the United European Gastroenterology Week 2018 (UEG Week 2018) and received the National Scholar Award as a Hong Kong representative. In addition, he was selected as one of the best presenters at this high-standing international conference.