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Services Units Management Sub-Committee
(Sub-Committee under Staff-Student Centres Management Committee)  
Terms of Reference and Composition:  

Chairman : 

Appointed by the Chairman of the Staff-Student Centres Management Committee

Members : 

One representative of the Bursary
One representative of the Estates Management Office
One representative of the Office of Student Affairs
One representative of the Chinese University Teachers’ Association
One representative of the Chinese University Staff Association
Three student representatives nominated by the Chinese University Student Union 
One representative of full-time postgraduate students nominated by the Director of Student Affairs

Secretary : 

Appointed by the Director of Student Affairs

Responsibilities :

  1. To monitor the tender arrangements of and services provided by the commercial units (except canteens and banks) which are housed within the staff-student centres.
  2. To present reports to Staff Student Centres Management Committee on a regular basis and to undertake such duties/functions on matters relating to the respective Centres as may from time to time be assigned by the Committee.
Contact Information of Secretariat:  
Person in Charge: Miss Gladys Poon
Telephone Number: 3943 7210