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Consultative Committee on Facility Charges
Terms of Reference and Composition:  
Chairman: Appointed by Vice-Chancellor


Secretary of the University or his representative
Bursar (ex officio)
Two representatives of CUTA
Two representatives of CUSA
Two representatives of the University Students Union
One representative of postgraduate students to be nominated by the Director of Student Affairs
Director, Office of Student Affairs (ex officio)

Secretary: A Finance Manager nominated by the Bursar
To review proposals for introducing or revising fees and charges payable by staff members or students for use of University facilities as proposed through the Bursar's Office and set out from time to time in a schedule, and to submit the views of staff members and/or students thereon to the AAPC.
Contact Information of Secretariat:
Person in Charge: 李國明先生
Mr. Peter Lee
Telephone Number: 3943 7299