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Senate Committee on Language Enhancement
Terms of Reference and Composition:  



To be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor


Ex-officio members:
Dean of each Faculty, or an Associate Dean (Education) as his/her representative  
Heads of all the language enhancement units: 
        ·    Department of Chinese Language and Literature  
        ·    English Language Teaching Unit
        ·    Yale–China Chinese Language Centre  
Dean of the Faculty of Arts   


Other members as appointed by the Vice-Chancellor:
Up to five other teachers, including some with expertise in applied linguistics and/or languages
At least one representative of the College language enhancement committees


Two student representatives:   
To be elected among the serving Student Senators


To be nominated by the Registrar

Terms of Reference:  

To keep under review all aspects of bilingual education at the University;
To keep under review the implementation of the University's policy on bilingual education, and to facilitate the promotion of the policy;

To keep under review all language enhancement programmes in Chinese (Putonghua, Cantonese and written Chinese) and English, including the approval of new programmes and the quality and outcomes of these programmes;
To promote all language enhancement efforts at the University, with reference to the recommendations of the Committee on Bilingualism.
Contact Information of Secretariat:  
Person in Charge: Miss Flora Chan
Telephone Number: 3943 8988