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29 Dec 2021
Empowering Youth Fund (EYF)

Empowering Youth Fund (EYF)

Do you have a brilliant idea but lack the funding to turn it into a reality? Here is a chance for you to realize your project! You should not miss the opportunity to apply for Empowering Youth Fund (EYF).

Managed by Student Development and Resources Section, Office of Student Affairs, the EYF is a new initiative to empower CUHK students to serve our communities / campus and enriching the campus life by organizing various campaigns and activities.

EYF provides financial support for individual CUHK undergraduate students who want to make empowerment on other CUHK students or people in our communities. EYF also provides an opportunity for students to hone their leadership skills in fostering collaborations with selected partners. 


All CUHK full time undergraduate students are eligible to apply, as an individual or in team.

Project Period

Present – 14 June 2022

Application Deadline

One month before the activity date (until 13 May 2022)

Online application

Should there be any further enquiries regarding the funding, please don't be hesitated to contact Ms. Karena Mak at 39437203 or